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Training Classes

2024 Fall Classes!

Broadway Dance

Ages 6 & up

Musical Theater dance classes combine technique and interpretation of all styles of dance seen in Broadway shows of past and present. Fundamental steps and basic vocabulary are taught through across the floor exercises & combos. Beginning to Intermediate Levels as well as Advanced Levels of Jazz, Ballet, or Tap are offered. Class Demo in December and In-Studio Recital in May. 

Actor's Workshops

Ages 8 & up

Fundamentals of improv, exercises that encourage trust, communication, agreement ("yes and"), active listening and character development. Fun and interactive games promoting self-confidence and quick thinking skills.

Triple Threat Elite Series

Ages 6-10 / Ages 9 & up

All Triple Threat Elite Series packages are constructed to better accommodate our TADA families schedules and student's vital skill set development of musical theater students.  Education in the 3 core areas of Acting on Stage, Dance Technique and Performance, and Vocal Development is essential for those that want to excel in the performing arts. In Studio Demo in December, Recital in May. 

Broadway Music Theater Voice

Ages 6 & up

Students learn how their body functions as a musical instrument and are taught basic singing skills. Students focus on proper breathing, voice placement, keeping the voice healthy, projection, diction and intonation, and basic harmony and confidence-building skills. Vocal Class Demo in December and In-Studio Recital in May. 


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