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Actor's Workshops

Acting / Improv Classes:

Ages 8-11 & Pre-teen/Teen

  • Students will learn the fundamentals of improv as they play games which encourage trust, communication, agreement ("yes and"), and active listening.

  • Emphasis will be placed on character creation and development through games, scene work, and monologues.

TADA STAGES LIVE! - Sketch Comedy and Improv:


Do you love Comedy? Can’t get enough of SNL? Then this class is for you!  Learn the tools & skills needed to perform and create scripted AND unscripted comedy! Then go LIVE on social media! 


In this class we’ll tackle:

  • Sketch & Improv comedy (both in the short-form with games and the long-form with scenes)

  • Basic Improvisational/Comedic fundamentals like scene work & object work, on-the-spot character development, storytelling rules and structures, as well as common acting exercises.

  • Games, games and MORE games!

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