We created this page to have a one-stop-shop for parents to be able to find information quickly. A huge part of the success of our programs relies on the communication that we have with the parents and families of our young superstars. If there is something missing from this page which you would like to see, please let us know!

MyStage Info

T-Shirt Order Form
Shoes, Hair, Undergarments
MyStage Cast Folders (includes music, scripts, dance videos, costume info, homework,  and more!)
3ARTS Folders

Tuesday 2:15 

Sat 9:15 

Thursday 2:15 

Sat 10:15 

Thursday 3:15 

Training Folders
Triple Threat I Wed 3:00pm
Triple Threat II Thurs 3:00pm
Acting / Improv Wed 4:00pm
Acting / Improv Wed 5:30pm
MT Dance Mon 7:15pm
MT Dance Tues 7:15pm
MT Dance Wed 2:00pm
MT Dance Fri 2:15pm
MT Voice Sat 11:15am
MT Voice Sat 12:20pm