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About Us

TADA Stages is home for the living room performer! We believe that every human being has their own authentic expression that’s uniquely theirs. At TADA Stages our mission is to help children cultivate, honor, and express this originality through the transformative process of musical theater while developing life skills, artistic craft, and confidence that will support them through a lifetime of leadership.


TADA Stages offers Training Classes in all aspects of musical theater performance including Voice, Broadway dance, Acting, Sketch comedy, and Improv from ages 3 to 17 years old. In addition, we have performing arts summer camps throughout the entire summer that are wildly popular and sell out quickly.


My Stage Musicals is our most sought-after program here at TADA Stages. My Stage students get the opportunity to be in two full length musical theater productions per school year with performances in December and May. Each cast is comprised of two age groups either; K-2nd or 3rd-5th grade and meet one time per week between 12-16 weeks. 16 students per cast will get to perform on a professionally designed set complete with lights, props, costumes, and mics. Minimizing the number of students per cast enables each child more opportunities to learn and grow. Actors are guided by two directors who provide choreography, scene work, and musical direction cultivating in a spectacular show in our black box theater. Each cast gets to perform their show twice for their adoring fans. Practice videos and music are all provided to parents to help support their young star throughout the process.


Our programs begin as young as 3 yrs old in our My Stage 3 Arts class which offers an introduction to the performing arts and builds confidence through creative play. Performers ages 3-5 years old sing, dance, and act their way through a 15 min. showcase at the end of the season whether that be in December or May. The 3 arts performers love their costumes and being under the lights!For those students who wish to hone their skills and advance their talents, our training classes are the answer. Being in shows combines singing, dancing, and acting together but the process doesn’t train the technique of each craft. Therefore, it’s imperative to take classes if they want to earn more competitive roles as they get older. Especially those that want to advance to the big stage!


TADA Stages is home to Puttin' On Productions (POPs).  POPs is a California 501-c3 non-profit organization and both companies were founded by Julia Mirkovich. POPs produce multiple musical theater productions every year for ages 8-18, and also community productions for all ages. The professionally designed productions are produced in theater venues that seat anywhere from 500-1500. For more information on POPs, please click here to visit their website. 

Lion King - 2017
Mufasa from The Lion King
Disney's Frozen 2015
MyStage rehearsal 2016
The Lion King 2017
TADA Stages Black Box Theater
Seussical The Musical 2017
Inside Out 3Arts Recital 2016
101 Dalmations 2015
MyStage rehearsals 2014
A young actor at work
Peter Pan MyStage 2016
3Arts class
Sebastian from The Little Mermaid
Peter Pan MyStage Musical 2016
The Little Mermaid 2015
Peter Pan MyStage
3Arts recital
Friendships made for a lifetime
Peter Pan MyStage
Training Class Recitals
3Arts Faerie tale room
Peter Pan 2016

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