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Broadway Dance


Musical Theater Dance Classes                          Ages 6 + up

This is a Jazz-based class that incorporates Broadway music and movement.  Learn showstopping dance routines from Broadway hits. Emphasis on basic technique and story-telling. Character development and body language are developed in dance combinations taught during class.

Broadway Tap                                                    Ages 10 + up

Beginning to Intermediate tap focuses on developing the student's coordination, rhythm, sense of time and basic tap dancing vocabulary to Broadway hits. Emphasis on technique,

characterization, and musicality.

PRO Stage Classes                                          Ages 12 + up

Classes curated specifically for musical theater students who are serious about training and wanting to be pushed and held accountable to excellence. With a focus on picking up choreography faster, choreographic details, and characteri-zation through movement, these classes will help students be confident in dance auditions and show-level choreography.

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