COVID-19 Protocols / Guidelines

At TADA Stages, the safety of the students and staff is our #1 priority.

New guidelines are as follows:

   In accordance with state and county guidelines, our procedures include:

  • Stable groups with a steady teacher and/or assistant

  • Children should wear a face covering when possible

  • Staff always wears a mask

  • All equipment and supplies sanitized before and after each use

  • Frequent hand washing and hand sanitizer use

  • Children (groups) will not change from one group to another

  • Doors remain open to promote airflow

  • Children will be greeted at the studio doors and provided a health screen

  • All staff and children will have temperatures taken each day

  • Parents and guardians will not be allowed to enter studio facilities

  • Any child or staff showing any signs or symptoms will not be allowed to return until approved through LA County Dept of Health guidelines


Please click the "COVID-19 WAIVER" button which will take you to our electronic
waiver. You must complete this new waiver PRIOR to entry into TADA studio facility.  Failure to submit the waiver will result in your student not being able to enter the studio for any reason.  Please be prepared and complete in a timely manner before your student's first session back with us in person.  All studio entry will be check and approved by our staff.

UV-C disinfectant lighting has been installed in all the air conditioners servicing all rooms at TADA Stages. With this method, this special wavelength of light disinfects the air as it cycles through the return ducts and is maximized in all directions. Popular in hospitals, this technology sterilizes bacteria and viruses while additionally purifying the air. In addition, TADA Stages has created a new cleaning protocol which includes sanitization of all touch points every hour we are open and also in-between any scheduled events.  Your child's safety is our #1 priority!